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Prophet, Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Marketplace Leader

 Richard Lineweaver travels as a prophetic voice to the nations. He is an accomplished author and conference speaker.  He walks as a wise master builder, a spiritual father, destiny coach, and seasoned mentor.  His ministry has a governmental prophetic anointing to see and foretell events. This governmental prophetic anointing is released through exhortation, impartation and activation of people’s calls and gifts.  Thus, empowers believers within the local church to fulfill the vision of the leadership.  This ministry is engaging and anointed with signs, wonders and miracles.  Emotional inner healings, supernatural physical healings, and deliverances are frequent.  Through this ministry blind eyes have been opened, hearing has been restored, the lame has walked, and numerous other miracles have taken place. Truly, Rick is one of God’s leading prophetic voices in the ​generation.

Also, in addition to Rick’s ministry work, Rick has had a successful career in the marketplace and he understands marketplace dynamics.  His prophetic gifting functions in the marketplace as well as the church.  Earlier in his career, he took on two different struggling entities and pioneered amazing turnarounds in both situations, to levels of record profitability that had been previously unheard of.   During one of these, he led an explosive sales growth of eight-fold in seven years.  He also has successfully pioneered and helped spearhead more than one startup business since then and has a heart for the ministry of Kingdom dynamics in the marketplace. 

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