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Ukraine is a country that for the last several years has lived through protests, revolution, Russian aggression and oppression, including most recently the seizer and theft of the Crimean Peninsula.


This country is currently teetering on both bankruptcy and Civil War with the threat of massive Russian troop buildups along its eastern border. It is a pretty commonly held belief that Russia is behind and fomenting all the unrest and military takeover of "so called militants" in the Eastern part of Ukraine. I believe what we are to do there we are to engage in and move quickly towards.


God has a plan for Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This is a country that is desperately in need of a move of God. Please join with me as I go over there!! I need both many financial partners and prayer partners. I am believing God for at least 200 people that will give $35 or more monthly to establish the necessary initial financial base for the vision and plan to come forth.


The goals for 2014 are laid out below:

  • Trips: June, Fall & Winter 2014

  • Approximate duration of stay 1 month each trip

  • Agenda for 2014


                    Outreaches with local team to reach Ukrainians in different cities of Ukraine for Christ

                    Outreaches with local team to minister in and help orphanages

                    Miracles in the Marketplace ministry campaign

                    Shipping & Providing Russian Bibles to many of those in need, including prisoners.

                   Conferences (Pastors conferences; Marketplace leaders conferences and training; Ministry training

                                           conferences; Preparations to launch a training school in Kiev; Training School to develop,

                                           train and mobilize people; and regular weekly Skype trainings with local leaders from the USA

                                           between trips).


We will be providing more specific details of this plan in our monthly newsletter.

To contribute financially, click here.


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