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Campaign Ukraine



The Lord told me in 2004 that the evangelists that would be going into Western Europe 20 years in the future were in Eastern Europe and needed to be trained. I have been to different countries in Eastern Europe looking for the right witness from the Lord in my spirit concerning the location to begin. During a recent trip to Ukraine in Oct.2013, I believe I found that this was the country to begin this work. I went over on a trip of faith there to "spy out the land".  I was praying and proclaiming the harvest of souls and "kingdom sons" be released and come forth into the Kingdom of God and that freedom would come to the people from that which had bound them for so long. I flew back to the USA on Nov. 1st and 21 days later the protests started in that very same square (21 weeks is the gestation cycle of a sheep that is why a 21 day fast is so powerful and brought Daniel a break though as he was seeking the future will of God for His sheep of Israel).


1) Establish a ministry base and training school in Kiev, Ukraine to Harvest the Fields in  Eastern Europe through raising up local teams of Kingdom harvesters. Working with nationals to reach the harvest and train up harvesters first in Ukraine and then other parts of Europe.


2) Take teams over to Ukraine to reach the Ukrainian people on many different levels of ministry including Kingdom Marketplace ministry and Leadership development. I believe God wants to do a new thing in Ukraine and there are many opportunities in this region that I believe He will develop and raise up marketplace leaders in Ukraine concerning.

































General Statistics of Ukraine:


  • Population of Ukraine is 44.6 million

  • Ukraine is geographically the largest European country

  • Ukraine is considered in a demographic crisis with high death rate & low birth rate

  • Ukraine has over 100,000 orphans.

  • 90% of Ukraine's orphans are social orphans of alcoholism, abandonment, or imprisonment of parent

  • Abortion Statistics range from between 30 to 50% in the Western  Ukraine to 66 to 87.5% in Eastern Ukraine (‘'click hear to read more” link below to view the map).

  • Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been victims of human trafficking since the USSR





                The International Organization of Migration lists Ukraine as the country at the top of

                the list with the most pressing problem of human trafficking




  • Current estimates for Ukraine vary from 1-3% of the population being actually born again Christians












Rick Speaking in Ukraine







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